Hasan Almajidy

Hasan Almajidy is an Iraqi Musical Artist, Composer and Music Maker from Baghdad. The founder of Almajidy Production Company is a well-known Iraqi writer in Iraq, one of the first contributors to the development of music production and a digital music distributor.
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World Cup Qatar .. Brazil reaches the round of 16 with a difficult victory over Switzerland

Brazil reached the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup in

Hasan Almajidy Hasan Almajidy

Hip-hop superstars Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Future and more will join DJ Khaled at SOUNDSTORM

Paris: The mysterious Fatima Haddad - better known as the artist Baya

Hasan Almajidy Hasan Almajidy

China sentences a famous pop singer to 13 years in prison… here’s why!

China sentences a famous pop singer to 13 years in prison... Here's

Hasan Almajidy Hasan Almajidy

The singer’s voice disappeared 5 minutes ago. A famous band’s hip-hop concert was canceled

The cancellation of a concert by the famous British hip-hop group N-Dubz

Hasan Almajidy Hasan Almajidy