Report: France increased Russian uranium imports despite European sanctions

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Report: France increased Russian uranium imports despite European sanctions

France’s imports of Russian uranium increased three times this year than it was in 2021, despite the European Union’s sanctions against Moscow following the ongoing war in Ukraine, according to a report by a French magazine.

According to a report by the satirical “Canard Enchaine” magazine in France, the “EDF” energy company, in which the French state owns 84 percent of its shares, bought 290 tons of Russian uranium during the first 9 months of this year.

The value of Russian uranium, which was purchased by the aforementioned French company, amounted to 345 million euros.

The magazine’s report stated that the aforementioned amount of Russian uranium is equivalent to approximately 30 percent of France’s reserves of the same substance, and is 3 times more than the amount that France imported from Russia, during 2021.

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The magazine based its report on the customs documents of the “EDF” company.

Greenpeace, an organization active in the field of environment, announced that a ship carrying Russian uranium approached the French port of Dunkirk on November 29.

The organization described France’s violation of the European embargo on Russia as a “scandal”.

It is noteworthy that the European Union imposes sanctions in various fields on Russia, because of the war it has waged against Ukraine since February 24.

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