Russia: Greece’s plans to supply S-300s to Ukraine “provocative and hostile”

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Russia: Greece's plans to supply S-300s to Ukraine "provocative and hostile"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Greece’s plans to supply Ukraine with the S-300 defense system are a “provocative and hostile” step.

This came in a statement, on Monday, commenting on what is being circulated in the Greek press about Athens’ intention to provide Ukraine with the Russian-made “S-300” system.

Zakharova said that Greece has been making several statements in this regard recently.

And she continued, “We see that Greece’s plans to supply the Kyiv regime with the S-300 system and other Russian and Soviet air defense systems is a provocative and hostile act.”

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And she warned that sending Greece weapons to the conflict areas in Ukraine makes it a “partner in crime” with the latter, and violates the military agreements concluded between Athens and Moscow in 1995 and 2013.

And she stressed that the agreements prohibit Greece from transferring the weapons it obtained from Russia to another party without Moscow’s consent.

The Greek press had claimed that Athens had pledged to provide the Russian “S-300” system to Ukraine, in the event that the United States installed the Patriot defense system on the island of Crete.

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