Russia: Turkey plays an important role in implementing the grain transfer agreement

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Russia: Turkey plays an important role in implementing the grain transfer agreement

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said that Turkey plays an important role in implementing the grain shipment agreement signed last July.

This came in press statements, on Monday, following political consultations with the Turkish side in Istanbul.

Vershinin said that the grain exported from Ukraine under the agreement did not go to poor countries, but rather to developed and rich countries.

He noted that the agreement was concluded with the aim of ensuring food security for the least poor countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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And he added, “Unfortunately, the data do not confirm that most of the grain goes to these countries,” stressing the need to make adjustments in this regard.

He also pointed out that the part related to the shipment of Russian grain and fertilizers has not been implemented within the framework of the agreement, and stressed the need to make progress in this regard.

In response to a question about whether the proposal to send Russian wheat and convert it into flour in Turkey for poor countries had been addressed, he said that the consultations did not address that.

He added, “If something can be done to improve the situation in countries in need, we will of course take such initiatives. We can do that with Turkey as well because it plays a really important role in implementing the grain agreement.”

On July 22, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations signed the “Initiative Document for Safe Shipping of Grains and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports” during a meeting hosted by Istanbul, to secure the arrival of grain exports stuck in Ukrainian ports across the Black Sea to the world.

In another matter, Vershinin expressed Russia’s support for the normalization of relations between Ankara and Damascus.

He said, “It seems that there is a perception in Turkey about the need to normalize and maintain relations with all neighboring countries in the region, including Syria.”

And he added, “According to the information received, there is contact between Ankara and Damascus. We support the normalization of these relations. With regard to holding talks at various levels, including at the highest level, the decision is up to the two sovereign states.”

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