The Pentagon cuts $18 million from YBG funds.

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The Pentagon cuts $18 million from YBG funds.
The Pentagon cuts $18 million from YBG funds.

The defense spending bill, which includes the budget of the US Department of Defense, saw the deduction of $18,368,000 from the Syria portion of the anti-ISIS fund, which will benefit the terrorist organization “YPG/BKK”.

The House of Representatives approved the National Defense Authorization Bill, with the support of a majority of the Republican and Democratic parties by 350 to 80 votes, and it was referred to the Senate for a vote, with an estimated budget of $858 billion.

According to information collected by the Anadolu correspondent from the 4,000-page bill, the House of Representatives approved 487 million and 513 thousand dollars out of the 541 million and 692 thousand dollars required to be granted to American partners, including “YPG / PKK”, in the scope of the fight against ISIS. In Iraq and Syria.

The table attached to the draft considered that 35 million and 811 thousand dollars out of 358 million and 15 thousand dollars requested for Iraq were unjustified, while an amount of 322 million and 204 thousand dollars was found appropriate to be granted to Iraq.

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The table also considered that 18 million and 368 thousand dollars out of 183 million and 677 thousand dollars required and benefited by “YPG / PKK” in Syria were unjustified, and approved 165 million and 309 thousand dollars for activities, including the cooperation of the US army with the organization the terrorist.

With regard to Ukraine, the bill allocates $800 million to fund what is known as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, and $6 billion to support US military operations in Europe.

Provisions setting restrictive conditions for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey were also removed from the final draft of the bill.

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