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New Zealand bans young people from buying cigarettes for life

The New Zealand Parliament passed, on Tuesday, a set of laws that

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Russia: 400 Ukrainians arrested for trying to enter illegally

Moscow announced, on Tuesday, the arrest of more than 400 Ukrainian "nationalists

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Shovon Jaman Making Noise With his New Single Called “LET DOOO”

After gaining momentum with his mixtape “LET DOOO” in 2020. Shovon Jaman

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DJ Khaled visits Mecca and sheds tears

A video clip of the American-Palestinian hip-hop star, DJ Khaled Muhammad Khaled,

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World Cup 2022: France completes the golden square by defeating England

France completed the golden square of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, with

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Morocco: great joy at reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup Qatar 2022

Joy spread to millions of Moroccan fans, Saturday, after their country's national

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Turkey.. Shoe sector exports exceed one billion dollars

Exports of the Turkish shoe sector increased in the first 10 months

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Desert and Sea of ​​Silene: an exciting experience for the guests of the Qatar World Cup

The Celine Desert, with its golden sands, attracts fans and guests of

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Warning of a possible food crisis in Britain

The head of Britain's National Agricultural Confederation, Minette Butters, has warned that

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Game of Thrones spending just as long making fewer episodes

Intro text we refine our methods of responsive web design, we’ve increasingly

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