Despite her wounds, Kyiv is preparing to celebrate Christmas

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Despite her wounds, Kyiv is preparing to celebrate Christmas

The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, is preparing to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, despite the 9-month-old war.

Anatolia monitored the readiness of the capital Kyiv and several Ukrainian cities to celebrate New Year’s Day, in light of an ongoing war on a 1,000-kilometre front.

Although Russian forces targeted Ukrainian power plants, the Christmas tree lit up Sofia Square in the capital, Kyiv.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Ukrainian citizen Anastasia (29 years) stated that the country will not witness large celebrations as usual, and will be limited to symbolic celebrations for the sake of children.

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As for the 10-year-old student, Maria German, she said that the citizens continue their lives despite the difficult circumstances, and that preparing for the New Year celebration is important for her and all the children.

Alexander Klachan, who took his wife and son to Sofia Square, expressed his happiness at seeing the Christmas tree, saying: “We live for our children, we protect our homeland for them and we do everything for the children because they are the future.”

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