“Mr Broken Heart Music” : a musical warrior

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Daniel, better known by his stage name “Mr Broken Heart Music”, is a rising star in the Indian music scene. Daniel was born on April 25, 2004, in Mumbai, India, and currently makes his home in Madurai, India.

His father is Sundara Raj, his mother is Thara Devi, he also has an older brother named Palvin Muthesh, and his best friend Madeline has always been supportive of his musical endeavors and has been an inspiration for him. Daniel was much interested in music, and his best friend encouraged him to pursue his passion from a young age.

“The Musical Beast”

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Let us see why Mr Broken Heart Music is called as Musical Beast. Despite his talent, Daniel has had to deal with the large number of false copyright claims against his songs, but instead of giving up, he has handled these situations with maturity and self-assurance, demonstrating his resilience. He recently discussed this issue in an interview.

Interview with Mr Broken Heart Music  

The heartfelt track “Hope” is one of Mr Broken Heart Music’s breakthrough songs that went viral, showcasing his ability to capture real emotions through music. The song’s success further cemented his position as a rising star in the music industry. Unfortunately, all of his songs were taken down, but instead of giving up, he created an incredible new hip-hop track called “Life Without Nightmare” that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. His social media presence on sites like Instagram (@mrbrokenheartmusic), Facebook (@mrbrokenheartmusic), Twitter (@mbhm777), YouTube (@mrbrokenheartmusic) and Fanbase (@mrbrokenheartmusic) offers a window into his creative journey as he continues to explore his musical abilities and push boundaries. With his talent and dedication, Daniel is sure to make a mark in the music industry. Daniel is a multi-talented personality who has made his mark in the music industry. He has achieved remarkable success as a Musical Artist, inspiring millions of people along the way.

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