Ukraine: Christmas celebrations to the sound of sirens

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Ukraine: Christmas celebrations to the sound of sirens

This year, Catholic citizens of Ukraine celebrate Christmas, in light of the ongoing war on their country’s lands since late February 2022.

In the capital, Kyiv, Catholic Christians celebrated Christmas, to the sound of warning sirens that resound throughout the city from time to time.

And the Catholics met, on Sunday morning, in St. Nicholas Cathedral in the capital, despite the sound of warning sirens for two full hours, due to the bombing that many areas throughout the country, including Kyiv, were subjected to.

Celebrations are held for Christian denominations that adopt the Western calendar on December 25, while sects that adopt the eastern calendar celebrate on January 7.

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Since February 24, Russia has launched a military attack on its neighbor Ukraine, which has affected the food and energy sectors worldwide, and prompted many capitals to impose economic, financial and diplomatic sanctions on Moscow.

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