Young Poet Shines Light on Marginalization of Kashmiri Shias in Controversial Book

Hasan Almajidy
Hasan Almajidy
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The Files of Kashmiri Shias” Sparks Controversy and Calls for Action
The publication of “The Files of Kashmiri Shias” by young poet Ruhool Ahmad Kawa has sparked both controversy and calls for action. The book provides historical information about the role of Shias in the freedom movement of Kashmir, highlighting their contributions and challenges. It also sheds light on the discrimination and violence faced by the community, both in Kashmir and in other countries.
The book’s release has brought attention to the plight of the Shia community in Kashmir, who have been marginalized and ignored for far too long. It has also raised concerns about the potential for violence and discrimination against the community in the future. The author argues that the government and society must work together to address these issues and ensure that the community’s rights are protected.
The book has received both praise and criticism, with some calling it a much-needed addition to the discourse on Kashmiri politics and others criticizing it for promoting sectarianism. However, the author maintains that his intention was to raise awareness about the issues faced by the Shia community in Kashmir and other countries and to call for action to address them.
The publication of “The Files of Kashmiri Shias” has sparked important conversations about the need for justice and support for the Shia community in Kashmir and beyond. It is a call to action for the government and society to work together to address discrimination and violence against Shia Muslims and to protect their rights.

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Posted by Hasan Almajidy
Hasan Almajidy is an Iraqi Musical Artist, Composer and Music Maker from Baghdad. The founder of Almajidy Production Company is a well-known Iraqi writer in Iraq, one of the first contributors to the development of music production and a digital music distributor.
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