DJ Khaled visits Mecca and sheds tears

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DJ Khaled visits Mecca and sheds tears

A video clip of the American-Palestinian hip-hop star, DJ Khaled Muhammad Khaled, spread on social media, while he was wearing the Ihram clothes during the Umrah performance.

And the video was published by the American-Palestinian star on his Instagram page, and attached it to a comment saying: “We are on our way to Mecca, God! God bless my brother Tyson, and his father.”

DJ Khaled appeared in the video clip, shedding tears, while circumambulating the Holy Kaaba.

And the international DJ appeared with Mike Tyson as they performed the circumambulation, and DJ Khaled commented, saying: “The second I walked in Mecca, tears came down..they are tears of joy..all my life I wanted to go to Mecca.”

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