Japanese fans: It’s our culture to clean the stadiums

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Japanese fans: It's our culture to clean the stadiums

Japanese fans told Anadolu Agency that their collection of garbage from the stands after the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches comes from their usual culture and behavior.

They were appreciated by the fans for the exemplary behavior they showed in the stadiums, where they set an example for the whole world, by clearing and cleaning the stands after matches.

This comes as the Japanese national team caused a big surprise by defeating Germany and Spain in Group E of the first round, and qualifying for the round of 16 as the leaders of its group.

Japanese fans, who have become a symbol of civilized behavior during the Qatar World Cup, are calling on fans of other competing countries to show the same behaviour.

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In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Japanese fan Satoru Takizawa said: “This is an example of Japanese culture. We have to clean the place after using it. Of course, we do it in our country. We take out the trash. It’s a cultural thing. We are happy to do that.”

On the performance of his country’s national team, Takizawa added: “This is the first time I attend the World Cup. It was crazy that we beat Germany and Spain. I can’t believe it. We want to be among the best 8 teams.”

He added, “Of course I would like us to win the World Cup, but to be honest, it is very difficult, I see Brazil as the strongest contender for the tournament.”

From his side, Goji Naby, a fan, expressed his happiness with his country’s performance, saying: “We beat Germany and Spain. It was unbelievable. I think we can be champions in the World Cup.”

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