Shovon Jaman Making Noise With his New Single Called “LET DOOO”

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Shovon Jaman

After gaining momentum with his mixtape “LET DOOO” in 2020. Shovon Jaman Dennet, professionally known as Shovon Jaman is making noise with his new single “LET DOOO”. The artist has been rumored to potentially be the first major recording rapper from Gazipur.

Being compared to the likes of Drakeen due to his honest and digestible style of music, the rapper of black and Hondurian background, has become, in a lot of ways, the face  of a state  recently known for its growing

His new single off of his up coming Track “Downtown” has garnered attention due to its straight forward lyrics in which the rapper praises a female friend for her curvy attributes, personality, and drive for success.

audiences have gravitated towards the song, but it has also received some criticism, including being removed from Deezer, with some listeners claiming the song is objectifying . Regardless of opinions the rapper continues to move the needle and make waves with his flows and sometimes too honest for his own great lyrics.

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