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Owner of one of the most romantic voices in Brazil, elected by the public and critics as a phenomenon, Pablo bets on another album and releases “Deixa de Caô”. With 11 new tracks, the EP’s theme song, written by Micael Lucas and Thalles Medina, “Deixa de Caô” also gets a video version.

Recorded in São Paulo, starring the artist, the clip tells the story of a couple who had a fight and he says: If I knew the back of my hand as much as I know you/ You must be lying down with the TV on / looking at your cell phone / Just to prove to you / I know that our conversation opens up all the time / I’m in on this too / And who’s going to make the decision to start typing / You’re fooling yourself, fooling your heart / But you don’t fool me / You’re wetting the pillow / But You’re supposed to be wetting my bed / Stop messing around / You’re suffering there too I’m aware / Do me a favor How come you’re okay if you’re listening to Pablo.

In the setlist of the premiere there is also “Nunca Mais”, “You don’t want to hear me”, “Cama Fria”, “Meu @”, “Conselho”, “Invitation to marry”, “Liar favorite”, “Nara”, “Luneta ” and “Out of Story”.

“With each release, a different story, an emotion, a person or a couple that can be identified. That’s how it is, like everything that governs my career over these years. I like to sing that song you’re going to send to your ex or current one. The repertoire is too massive. The crowd will identify too much”, completes Pablo.

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