Samyak Sarwade is also a good singer; his singing

Hasan Almajidy
Hasan Almajidy
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Samyak Mahendra Sarwade Yes, we are talking about, Samyak Sarwade the famous musical artist from Shirur Tajband, Maharashtra, India. Recently he got viral for some music called ‘Nonstop marathi halgi mix ’, ‘Beedi Jalaile ’

Samyak Sarwade is a young music artist from India. His real Full name is Samyak Mahendra Sarwade. He was born on 04 April 2002 and brought up in India. he has access to use musical instruments From childhood, he wants to make music using instruments. He was born in Udgir, Maharashtra.

Samyak Sarwade started his career to spread happiness worldwide by creating music and motivational Speech. He has already released more than 10+ kinds of music on Different Music Streaming Platforms. Samyak Sarwade is a famous name in the music industry. Samyak Sarwade has recently made a big name in Indian music history. .


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Posted by Hasan Almajidy
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