who is MCqasim? The young Rapper from Germany

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MCqasim (real name Qasim Khalaf (born July 30, 2000 in Boza, Iraq) is a German rapper of Kurdish descent.

Qasim Khalaf grew up as a child of immigrants from Iraq in the district of Ortenau. He started rapping when he was 16 and tried his hand at gangster rap. He turns away from that and moves towards moral, sometimes storytelling lyrics. At first he tried everything until he became aware of pop music. [1][2] [3][4]

MCqasim first became known in 2020 through internet posts, which were also discussed in the internet media. Taking his first single ‘Barbie‘, one of his most viewed videos, dates from this period. Since then, however, he has mainly made a name for himself on Instagram. The number of his followers is Over than one hundred thousand. Some of his regularly released videos are four-digit hits. [5][6][7][8]

In autumn 2021 he signed with the major label Sony Music/ The Orchard Music. The first official video, I Just Wanna Say (German Remix), was released in October. It has racked up more than 240,000 streams on Spotify, as has its second single, ‘Charmant‘, which was released in early July 2022. His track ‘HABIBA‘ was released at the beginning of November. The track reached over 25,000 streams on Spotify within a week.

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already he announces on his Instagram Story his upcoming EP 🌍❤️🎼 the first song what should supposedly realsen is “Bella”

what many do not know is that, MCqasim is not only active on rap scene but also in online marketing! MCqasim is very good at marketing products and two years ago he had a digital course to sell through Digistore24, it was about how to generate new customers for companies, for example how to best place products on social media and market.[9][10][11] [12][13][14]

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