10 dead after shooting inside a store in Virginia, USA

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The American authorities announced the killing of 10 people in a mass shooting that occurred in a commercial store in Virginia.

The city of Cispik city said on Wednesday that at the fire inside the “Wall Mart” store, on Tuesday evening, the killing of no more than 10 people was killed and a number of injuries occurred, according to the Associated Press agency.

The police added in press statements that the attack was carried out by one person, who shot himself after attacking a group of people.

In the context, the police spokesman, Leo Kosinski, explained that the shooting stopped “as soon as the police arrived at the site of the accident.”

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He pointed out that the attack took place at 22:12 (03:12 GMT).

For its part, the “Wall Mart” chain expressed its shock, and said in statements reported by American media that it was “working closely with law enforcement authorities” in investigations into this “tragic accident.”

The American authorities have not announced until Wednesday morning, any details of the identity or motivation of the attack.

At least 662 mass shootings occurred in the United States this year, according to the American (non -profit) (non -profit) organization.

Against the background of these incidents, President Joe Biden appealed to Congress deputies to change the laws of carrying weapons in the country, in order to preserve lives, but did not take concrete steps in this regard.

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