18 Chinese bombers fly over Taiwan’s air defense zone

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18 Chinese bombers fly over Taiwan's air defense zone

Taiwan announced the flight of 18 Chinese bombers, on Tuesday, southwest of the “Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone.”

And the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense stated in a statement that during the day it monitored 29 military aircraft and 3 warships around the island.

It noted that among the observed aircraft, 18 H-6 bombers and a J-11 fighter jet entered the southwest of the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

It is noteworthy that the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense announces for the first time the registration of such a large number of launchers in the aforementioned region.

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China has increased its military activities around Taiwan, which it considers a “breakaway province”, since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation to the island nation of more than 24 million people last August.

China considered Pelosi’s visit a “provocation” and “sending wrong signals to separatists” in Taiwan.

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