21 Savage says he didn’t mean to “disrespect” people by saying he was irrelevant to the current hip-hop scene

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Rapper 21 Savage took to social media to clarify his recent comments about the importance of Nas in the current hip-hop scene. The head of the Slaughter Gang infuriated some people over the weekend at the Clubhouse Room when he claimed that Nas wasn’t a good fit for current hip-hop. “I don’t feel it’s relevant,” he said, to the dismay of many listeners. “I don’t think Nas is suitable.”

On Monday (November 14), 21 took to Twitter to clarify what he meant and say he thought his words were being twisted in a way he didn’t intend. “I will never respect girls or any legend that paved the way for me, you guys try to take stuff and run with them,” the 21 wrote while praising the Queensbridge icon.

Once things calmed down after his original comments, the UK-born rapper explained his belief that the God of Rap is not relevant today, but he has a “loyal” fan base and still makes great music. The heated discussion seems to be about the 90’s rappers who are still releasing albums today.

Angry fans flocked to social media to express their frustration at the incendiary comments of 21, including Nas’ brother Jungle, when he walked into The Shade Room to cancel Savage. “21 Savage is rubbish I’m glad Nas released 3 KD so fans can hear real lines… 21 can you do something for me”, he wrote.

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Nas released Dying King III on Friday (November 11), the third installment in the Hit-Boy series he produced and for which he won his first Grammy Award. The franchise was also commercially relevant, as each of its first two installments landed it in the top 5 of the Billboard 200. As for 21, it came off the release of its joint project Her Loss with Drake, which topped the Billboard 200 a week later. for a total of over 400,000 album-equivalent units in first week sales.

Drake and 21’s joint LP reportedly generated one of the biggest weeks of airplay ever, generating an estimated 500 million.

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