48 dead in blizzards in the United States

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48 dead in blizzards in the United States

At least 48 people have been killed in accidents related to bad weather and snowstorms that have hit the United States for days.

And the US authorities said, in press statements, on Monday, that the death toll from snow storms in the country “has risen to at least 48 dead,” according to the Associated Press.

She added that the western regions of New York state alone recorded “27 deaths” due to bad weather.

She pointed out that the bodies of the victims were found “in their cars and homes,” pointing out that some of the victims “were killed during attempts to shovel snow.”

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The snow storm began in western New York on Friday and Saturday, paralyzing roads and cutting power to thousands of homes, and hampering the work of rescue crews and the response of ambulances and civil defense.

In the context, New York State officials explained, in a press conference, that the snowfall rate was 2 to 3 inches per hour.

For her part, New York State Governor Kathy Hokull stressed, in press statements, that the conditions resulting from the snow storm are “still difficult.”

Hokul and local officials asked citizens to stay at home and stay away from the roads to keep the streets clear of any stuck vehicles that impede relief operations, according to the American Al-Hurra channel.

Yesterday, the US authorities announced the death of at least 22 people across the country.

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