A new video documents that the female perpetrator of the Istanbul attack took a reconnaissance tour of Istiklal Street 9 days before the bombing

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A video published by Turkish media on Friday documented the perpetrator of the Istanbul attack, Ahlam al-Bashir, while she was on a reconnaissance tour days before the bombing, as she was veiled and wearing jeans wandering on Istiklal Street.

Turkish security sources stated that terrorist Ahlam al-Bashir, on November 4, 2022, nine days before the attack, conducted a reconnaissance tour of Istiklal Street in central Istanbul.

The sources stated that the security forces obtained camera footage showing the moments when Al-Bashir made her reconnaissance tour.

The footage shows the perpetrator of the attack holding roses in her hand during the detection and reconnaissance process, just as she was carrying roses in her hand on the day she carried out the attack that claimed the lives of 6 civilians and injured 81 others.

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