Afghanistan: An attack targeting the Pakistani ambassador in Kabul

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On Friday, the Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan, Obaid Rahman Nizamani, was attacked, which the Pakistani Foreign Ministry described as an “assassination attempt.”

The Pakistani ministry said in a statement that its embassy compound in Kabul “was subjected to an attack,” mainly targeting the ambassador, local newspaper Geo reported.

The statement indicated that the attack resulted in the serious injury of the Pakistani security guard, Sepoy Israr.

The security guard was hit by three bullets while trying to protect the ambassador.

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The ministry added that the Pakistani government strongly condemns the assassination attempt and the attack on the embassy and calls on the interim government (affiliated to the Taliban) in Afghanistan to conduct an immediate investigation into the incident.

Islamabad called for opening “thorough investigations into this attack, apprehending the perpetrators and holding them accountable, and taking urgent measures to ensure the safety and security of Pakistani diplomats and citizens in Afghanistan.”

In the context, “Geo” newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying that the attack took place “while the ambassador was taking a walk.”

It is noteworthy that there was no activity at the headquarters of the Pakistani diplomatic mission when the attack occurred, due to the weekend.

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