After an absence of seven years.. the return of the Valley of the Wolves series

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It seems that fans of the series “Valley of the Wolves” and the character “Murad Alamdar” will have a date with a new season of the series in January next year, that is, in less than two months.
In the details, Turkish action star Necati Shashmaz, who plays the title role in the series, confirmed in a new interview that there is a new part of “Valley of the Wolves,” indicating that preparations have been completed and that filming will begin soon.

The Turkish star did not reveal any other details about the story of the expected season, which comes after his absence from the screen for seven years, specifically since 2016, nor did he mention the names of the participating stars, only talking about its date, but some Turkish press reports confirmed that the work It will deal with the period of the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016 and will bear the name “Valley of the Wolves Chaos”.

And the series “Valley of the Wolves” is the longest among the Turkish series, as it continued to be shown over 10 seasons, spanning between 2003 and 2016, and at that time it dealt with many political, social and economic issues, including some Arab issues, which increased its popularity in the Arab world, achieving great success. .

And the character “Murad Alamdar” was considered one of the most prominent figures that sparked controversy and affected the audience, despite the “bloody” and “violence” of some scenes, for which he was suspended more than once.

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Thanks to that character, “Necati” made a lot of profits. During the presentation of the tenth part of the series in 2016, he was earning 320,000 Turkish liras per month, or about 120,000 US dollars, which made him own many luxurious homes and enter the real estate world.

The news of the return of the series comes with a new season, two weeks after “Shashmaz” underwent a vascular surgery, from which he came out in good health.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish star had suffered a serious health crisis, while filming the scenes of the episodes of the seventh part of the month series, as he felt severe pain in the heart, which made his colleagues stop filming and transfer him immediately to the hospital, so that it became clear that what he had suffered was due to a benign hemangioma that was removed. during the catheterization process.

At that time, the star needed a relatively long period of rest, and the work makers were forced to use the character of the “masked” hero, which was performed by one of his fellow artists, to get out of the dilemma of his long absence and complete filming without affecting the beloved “Murad Alamdar” character.

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