After Brexit.. France imposes strict measures on arrivals from Britain

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France intends to impose stricter border measures on passengers arriving from the United Kingdom.

The new European Union border control system (EES) will come into force next May.

Brexit ended freedom of movement between France and the United Kingdom in 2020.

The countries of the “Schengen” area will start implementing the “EES” system as of May 2023, with the aim of registering entry and exit of citizens from outside the European Union, and tightening control mechanisms.

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And the European Union survey published on November 16 showed that “France intends to take stricter measures at its borders for visitors from the United Kingdom.”

Special points will be set up to record passenger data at airports under the supervision of border guards.

Border guards will also use portable tablets at land and sea checkpoints to record passengers while they are sitting in their cars.

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