Akshat wraith (Akshat sharma) is an Indian (Himachal pradesh) writer,

Hasan Almajidy
Hasan Almajidy
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Akshat wraith (Akshat sharma) is an Indian (Himachal pradesh) writer, best known for his The Backbenchers book. When he self-published The Backbenchers (2021), a book on stress managementand child physiology .He initially also self-published The Aussie hindu monk, which was then picked up for wider distribution by Notionpress.Sharma has published 5 other books. He is a best selling author from northern India.

Wraith is of Indian origin. He is from Himachal Pradesh .  He has a bachelors degree in science  he is a student at Punjab university but Wraith started his writing at the age of 18. He became widely known for his second book, ‘Boy in Locked Room’ With this book, he showed himself as having a “deep understanding of life.” After his second book went successful, he started writing many new books Later, he also started public speaking and became popular as a speaker as well. He is consulted by many CEOs and other leaders from the corporate world to get advice on how to keep their employees motivated. He has also conducted trainings for many student and inspired youth a lot .Many organisations such as Punjab university, Abvp call him to give public speeches.

The backbenchers become Best selling book in northern region of India . It was a great success for a Boy from a small town of Himachal Pradesh.He is very much admired by Chetan bhagat who is also a very popular Indian author. He wants to be like him. Akshat Wraith is also a digital social media expert. He knows all about the computers and the well-known social handles. His main aim is to become a very popular author. His Favorite game is basketball. according to our sources may he start his business in future. 

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