An explosion causes a fire to break out at an oil depot in Donetsk

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The authorities of the separatist Donetsk region announced, on Monday, that an oil depot in the Makivka region caught fire, following the fall of an explosive device, according to Russian media.

Russia Today channel said, quoting a statement issued by the provincial authorities, that two movable tanks full of fuel caught fire, and in 3 fixed tanks.

Russia announced the annexation of Donetsk, along with 3 other Ukrainian provinces, to its territory last September, amid widespread Western rejection and condemnation.

The statement stated that “at dawn today, the emergency authorities were informed of a fire in an oil depot located in the city of Makivka.”

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He added, “When the fire trucks arrived, the fire was burning in two fuel tanks of 70 cubic meters standing on the railway outside the tank station, as well as in 3 fixed tanks of 60 square meters located 20-25 meters from the railway.”

And he added, “It was found that the cause of the fire was the fall of an explosive device.”

The statement indicated that the firefighting operations are still continuing, with the participation of 20 equipment and machinery and 84 personnel from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Before that, it was reported that Ukrainian forces had bombed Makevka with 155 mm artillery shells.

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