Are British Muslims exposed to more discrimination during the Sunak era? (a report)

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Fears of Muslims are escalating in the UK during the era of British Prime Minister of Indian Rishi Sonak, the first to hold this position from an ethnic minority.

On October 24, Sonak, 42, became the new leader of the ruling Conservative Party and the Prime Minister, after Liz Terrace resigned four days before 44 days later.

The opposition and public opinion in Britain have criticized Sonak for his discriminatory speech against Muslims and irregular migrants, in addition to linking it between Islam and terrorism.

British public opinion is currently concerned with the steps that Sonak will take towards migrants and refugees, especially since he was included on his agenda before assuming his position “a plan to send immigrants and refugees to Rwanda.”

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Last April, Britain signed with Rwanda an agreement of 120 million pounds to send migrants, especially males who are not accompanied by anyone, to the African country where asylum requests are considered to be submitted.

** Immigration and asylum policies
Mohamed Jagri Biller, a teacher of international relations and European Union theories at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Leeds, said that political turmoil in the United Kingdom affected immigration and asylum policies.

In an interview with Anatolia, Belier said that the British governments are looking for means of combating irregular migration since the UK left the European Union at the end of 2020.

He added that the last step in this endeavor is to agree to send those who entered the United Kingdom illegally to Rwanda.

Bilir stressed that Britain, after its exit from the European Union, deliberately discrimination in the immigration protocol.

He continued: “In the approach of the Sonak government towards irregular migration, asylum seekers and discrimination between those who have already come to escape human rights violations and those who came for purely economic reasons.

He added that, according to the agreement concluded with Rwanda, asylum seekers will be audited and strict control will be imposed.

“When we look at the statements of how to implement the agreement with Rwanda, we see that the requests of migrants and refugees will be examined one by one, especially the requests for men between 20 and 40 years.”

He added that “British Interior Minister Swala Braverman described irregular migration as an invasion, which shows how government policies towards immigration and migrants will be.”

** Running of Islam
Sonak said that Sonak “received angry reactions,” which put the concept of extremism in one hand with Islam and launched anti -Islam expressions before assuming his post.

He continued: “With regard to discrimination, Sonak won the discontent of the Muslim community because of his slips before he became prime minister.”

He explained that when Sonak launched his campaign for prime minister, he used phrases such as fighting “Islamic extremism” and “equality of Islam by terrorism.”

He added that Sonak “was criticized for ignoring the demands of the Muslim representatives to take a clear position against Islamophobia (hostility to Islam).”

Bilir said that discrimination and the hatred of foreigners have increased since Sonak took office, with the impact of factors such as Britain’s exit from the European Union, the global economic crisis and Corona epidemic.

And it is likely that “Muslims are on a date with more discrimination during the Sonlik era.”

He reported the existence of pre -rulings among the British people towards immigrants and Muslim refugees.

He continued: “A poll revealed how the British positions of Polish immigrants and their Nigerian counterparts differ, and the strength of the pre -judicial rulings of conservative voters towards Muslims and terrorism.”

He believed that Sonak’s steps to keep the support of conservative voters may be greatly discriminatory and hostile to Muslims.

He added that the British anti -extremist program called “Amina” causes “serious discrimination” against Muslims, and the law that fights extremism has turned into a chase of Muslims.

He explained that “the program is applied even in schools. If you doubt a student or in his family, you can interrogate him with the presence of the police and report it to the intelligence services. This generated great discontent among Muslims in Britain.”

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