Argentina hits a date with the Netherlands: World Cup

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Qatar World Cup.. Argentina sets a date with the Netherlands in the quarter-finals

Argentina reached the quarter-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, on Saturday, after its victory over Australia, with two goals to one, in the “Ahmed Bin Ali” stadium, in the round of 16 competitions.

The “Tango” elements entered the match with a clear offensive intention, seeking to score and avoid any scenario that would complicate matters in front of a team characterized by physical strength and high physical fitness.

The attempts of Lionel Messi and his companions were met by the “kangaroo” with a good position in the defensive areas, narrow spaces, and made Argentina control the ball, but without any real opportunity in front of Matthew Ryan’s goal.

The result remained white until the 35th minute, when advanced defender Nicholas Otamendi gave a ball on a plate of gold to Messi, who did not refuse the gift and hit a creeping floor into the net, the first goal in the match and the first for the Argentine star in the knockout stages of the tournament.

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Despite receiving a goal, Australia remained defending under Argentine pressure, which resulted in a second goal in the 57th minute, which came as a result of a ball extracted by striker Julian Alvares from the Australian goalkeeper, and then easily entered the net.

Amid the negligence of the Argentine defense, the Australian national team managed to reduce the difference with a powerful ball, which was aimed by Craig Godin, which hit midfielder Enzo Fernandez, bypassing goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, and settled into the goal at the 77th minute.

After that, the Australians rushed into the attack, hoping for an adjustment that almost happened from two very dangerous chances that passed peacefully on the “Tango” children, so that the victory remained for the coach Lionel Scaloni’s battalion until the end.

Argentina’s arrival to the quarter-finals of the World Cup is the tenth in the history of the finals, after years, 1930, 1966, 1978, 1986, 1990, 1998, 2006, 2010, 2014.

Argentina will meet in the next round, its counterpart, the Netherlands, on December 9.

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