“Batman” brings a dark approach to the hero’s story and lavishes impeccable performances | Criticism

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“Batman” brings a dark approach to the hero's story and lavishes impeccable performances | Criticism

Innovative and captivating are good words to describe “Batman”, the new film by the DC Comics hero, but they are far from being the only possible ones. The Warner Bros. Pictures hits theaters this Thursday, March 3, and takes on the story of one of comics’ most beloved characters with an all-new, darker, and more immersive approach.

Unlike previous productions, “Batman” accompanies the hero in the early years in which he works to protect Gotham City from criminals. Amidst a web of corruption and violence, Bruce Wayne and his alter ego count on the help of Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis) and Commissioner James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), the only allies he has, to save the citizens from a huge danger. Watch the trailer:

“Batman” merges all the points that make a film a success and please fans of this genre. The production has a very dynamic script and full of striking dialogues, which is not lost at any time when portraying a totally new and captivating story. In addition, the production has some comic reliefs, which fit perfectly every time they are used, making everything even more engaging and making the audience laugh.

The direction of Matt Reeves is another great hit of the feature, which manages to keep the film interested all the time to find out what the outcome will be and what will happen to the characters, whether they are the good guys or the villains. Another high point is the much darker photography, considering some of the previous productions, and an impeccable soundtrack, which helps to tell the story and to package the most diverse moments of the production, from the well-elaborated action scenes, full of special effects even the quietest scenes.

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Much has been said about Robert Pattinson in the role of Batman and whether the casting was the right one, but when watching the film we are faced with an exemplary and impeccable performance of the character, which does not resemble his previous performances at all. Pattinson knew how to bring his own identity to the film and make one of the best Batman of DC Comics, if not the best.

Still on the team of heroes, Zoe Kravitz exudes beauty and versatility as Selina Kyle, Catwoman. The character has her own storyline, which intersects with Batman’s plot and the two star in good times together. Zoe’s Catwoman is bold and strong, but at the same time sensitive and vulnerable, even if she doesn’t let on too much. Kravitz shows a lot of talent in portraying this strong and layered character. She even makes you want to see her for more screen time… Who knows, maybe a solo film ?!

The film also brings to the screen some of DC Comics’ most iconic criminals. The cartoon Penguin (Colin Farrell), the rich Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and the psychotic Edward Nashton, also known as Riddler (Paul Dano), are a great asset of the production. In particular, Dano delivers Riddler the way we wanted to see it. A very well-crafted character, with iconic moments and who stands out every time he appears. In the final scenes of the film, we still have a quick appearance of another fan favorite villain, the Joker, and his iconic laugh.

“Batman” is one of the best Batman movies of recent times and one of those productions that you’ve watched once and already want to watch again. Matt Reeves’ work leaves us with no doubts, all the points addressed were very well constructed and makes it worth not only all the waiting for the premiere, but also the almost 3 hours of film. The feature is one of the great successes of DC Comics and makes us want to see more of this darker, darker universe with an even more adult tone in future productions.

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