Biden feels very happy.. How do the results of the midterm elections affect Ukraine, Iran and China?

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Many analysts argued that despite the Democrats retaining the Senate and denying the Republicans the electoral sweep that they waved, It is certain that the Democratic administration is going through about the second half of President Joe Biden’s term with optimism that exceeds the concerns that feared that decision-making centers would devolve to the Republicans; Which may prevent Biden from proceeding with his domestic and foreign policies.

Biden did not hide his feeling of what he described as very happy with the results of the midterm elections, saying that they strengthened his political position before his meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping during the G20 summit hosted by Indonesia.

No longer a victory
According to the opinion of the strategic analyst in the Republican Party, Adolfo Franco – in his speech to the program Beyond the News – the Democrats exaggerate the interpretation of the victory, which is not a victory for them, despite the absence of the red tide expected by the Republicans, and Biden is losing the House of Representatives and is in dire need of renewal His image, for he is no longer able to represent all Americans.

With regard to China, he argued that there are many republican criticisms of “Chinese hostility” which is growing frequently against Taiwan and towards various countries of the world as well.

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As for the Iranian file, Franco’s expectations were that the forthcoming Benjamin Netanyahu government would impose great pressure on the US administration, along with the Arab allies, who would make Biden give up his flexibility and deal more harshly with Iran.

Stronger position
From a Democratic perspective, Biden is now in a stronger position, emerging from the midterms as a reborn president, with greater support in Congress and control of the Senate; He is the de facto victor in this election, according to former DNC official Edward Joseph.

With regard to US aid to Ukraine, it will not be affected by the midterm elections – according to his view – because the results of these elections have complicated the situation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, especially if he is a Republican, because it will be difficult for him to stop supporting Ukraine to avoid a difficult confrontation with the Senate.

As for the Iranian file, the American position has become stronger after the midterm elections – according to Joseph’s opinion – because Biden tried in good faith to return to the nuclear agreement and Iran refused that, and what weakened its position the most is the internal protests unlike America, emphasizing that American policy towards Iran It comes from Washington, not from Israel.

It is noteworthy that the Democrats retained a simple majority in the US Senate after the party’s candidate, Catherine Cortez Masto, won the Senate seat from Nevada. According to observers – a better chance of implementing his policies.

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