Biden is ready to talk to Putin to end the Ukraine war

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Biden is ready to talk to Putin to end the Ukraine war

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden expressed his willingness to talk with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, about ending the conflict in Ukraine.

This came in a joint press conference between the US President and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, at the White House.

Biden said he had no “immediate plans” to talk to his Russian counterpart, but if Putin wanted to end the conflict, “I would be happy to sit down with him and see what’s on his mind.”

“There is only one way to end this war, and that is the rational way for Putin to withdraw from Ukraine,” he added.

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And he added: “It is clear that he will not do this .. He is paying a heavy price for his failure to do so, he is inflicting incredible massacres on civilians in Ukraine.”

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