Biden opposes mandatory abolition of the Corona vaccine in the army

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Biden opposes mandatory abolition of the Corona vaccine in the army

The White House said, Monday, that US President Joe Biden opposes the abolition of compulsory taking the Corona vaccine in the armed forces.

The Anatolian correspondent stated that the US Congress is currently studying the possibility of adding a proposal to cancel the compulsory vaccine within the draft “National Defense Authorization Act” for the year 2023.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, in an online news conference, that President Biden “opposes any such change.”

He added, “Secretary of Defense (Lloyd James) Austin has been very clear in his opposition to decommissioning the vaccine, as President (Biden) agrees with him.”

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Kirby said that Secretary Austin “continues to believe that all Americans, including members of the armed forces, should be vaccinated and given a coronavirus booster shot.”

“It (the vaccine requirement) remains an issue of the health and readiness of the armed forces. And the president supports Secretary Austin’s opposition to rescinding it,” added the US National Security Council spokesperson.

Republicans say the vaccine requirement has hurt recruiting efforts and led to many members of the armed forces being fired.

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