Bloomberg: The next “OPEC +” meeting will be virtual

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Bloomberg: The next “OPEC +” meeting will be virtual

Bloomberg International news agency reported, on Wednesday, that the next meeting of the “OPEC +” alliance will be virtual, which suggests that there will be no amendments to the current production policy, which would require a face-to-face meeting.

The “OPEC +” alliance will hold its meeting on December 4, which is the first meeting after adjusting the production mechanism by reducing two million barrels per day in November this year until the end of 2023.

There was no immediate comment from OPEC, which usually announces the dates of the alliance’s meetings, until 07:15 GMT.

The upcoming virtual meeting will be preceded by a European decision to ban Russian oil transported by sea to the bloc countries, a decision that threatens a decline in Russian crude supplies, and thus a decline in revenues.

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