Bosnia.. Football brings together an imam and a priest in one team (report)

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Bosnia.. Football brings together an imam and a priest in one team (report)

In support of the idea that sport unites the differences in society, Imam Ansar Villa met Pastor Branimir Borovtsanin, together in one team on the football field in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The participation of the imam and the priest playing in the same team with their children in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina increased the friendship between them.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Imam Fila and Priest Borovtsanin shared their story of playing football with the “Fortuna” team, which was founded by former players of the “Philez” team, one of the important teams in the country.

Imam Villa, who lives in Mostar, said he joined the “Fortuna” club for the sake of his son and to set a good example for children.

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He added that he heard about the establishment of a football team in the canton, so he decided to join the team to set a good example for the children.

He stated that he loves to play football, and he never hesitated to join the team to show children how to play.

He pointed out that he had known Pastor Borovtsanin for a while, as they worked together and cooperated for a long time during their work in the Islamic Union in Mostar and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The imam added that he has children who “will face similar situations in the future, that is, cooperation between the people of the same country despite the differences.”

The imam praised his friend, the priest, saying, “Borovtsanin is a very kind and hard-working person. We also showed that we are good players.”

He stated that sport unites the differences that divide society, and that he and his friend the priest have good honest stories.

He pointed out that his friend, the priest, “is a very religious person, and he has many successes that he will achieve on and off the field.”

** A friendship based on love and respect
In turn, Priest Borovtsanin said that he had the same reasons that prompted the imam to join the “Fortuna” team, pointing out that his eldest son had been playing in the team for 7 years.

He expressed his happiness at playing with Imam Villa in the same team, noting that they continue their friendship and cooperation as an imam and pastor in the Green Square as well.

Borovtsanin pointed out that his relationship with Imam Ansar Villa is based on love and respect, and that they have a common goal and a very happy life.

He added that friendship and relations of respect are at the forefront of the club’s priorities, which ranks fourth in the Herzegovina-Neretva Cantonal League, with 14 points.

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