Britain: Iran should not have nuclear weapons

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British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said on Wednesday that Iran “should never have a nuclear weapon”.

Cleverly wrote, in a tweet via Twitter, that “Iran is expanding its nuclear program significantly.”

“This constitutes new evidence of the danger posed by the Iranian regime to global security,” he added.

“A regime that brutally oppresses its own people at home will certainly threaten our friends and allies abroad, and therefore Iran should not acquire a nuclear weapon,” the British minister said.

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The International Atomic Energy Agency’s 35-nation board of governors approved Thursday a resolution ordering Iran to cooperate urgently with the agency’s investigation into traces of uranium found at three undeclared sites.

This is the second decision targeting Iran this year regarding this investigation.

According to estimates by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has increased its stockpile of pure, fissile uranium to 62.3 kilograms, up from 55.6 kilograms.

It is noteworthy that Iran is not entitled, according to the nuclear agreement signed in 2015, and what is happening in the negotiations to revive it, to possess inside more than 202 kilograms of enriched uranium with a purity of 3.67 percent, which is allowed in the agreement for Iran to enrich uranium.

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