Brussels.. Riots following Morocco’s victory over Belgium in the World Cup

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Riots broke out in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Sunday, after the Moroccan national team defeated its Belgian counterpart in the World Cup, 2-0.

And the Anatolia correspondent stated that a number of Moroccans residing in Brussels drove their cars around the city, rejoicing at the victory of their national team, honking car horns.

He pointed out that a number of masked men gathered around the Midi train station in central Brussels, and set off fireworks in the streets.

A number of scooters and trash cans were also set on fire, while others overturned a car owned by a car rental company, in addition to vandalizing a number of bus and tram stations.

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To prevent riots, the Brussels police directed a large number of security personnel to the various streets of the central city, calling on residents to stay away from the streets and alleys near the Midi train station.

Police teams also closed off shopping streets on the roads leading to tourist spots in the city centre.

In turn, the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Clos, condemned the violence in the city, pointing to the police intervention to prevent such acts.

He demanded that the rioters not go to the main tourist areas and shopping streets in Brussels.

On Sunday, the Moroccan national team achieved a deserved victory over its Belgian counterpart, with two goals without a response, in the second round of the Group Six competitions of the FIFA World Cup.

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