Bulgaria jails suspects in the Istanbul bombing

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Bulgarian Attorney General Angel Kenev has sentenced the five suspects in the terrorist bombing in Istanbul to prison, on charges of people smuggling and illegal entry into the country.

In the judicial session held in the Sofia City Court, Kenev saw insufficient evidence convicting the five detainees of their connection to the Istanbul bombing, including the phone chip in the possession of the arrested “Imran Abd al-Rami,” the close assistant to the terrorist “Bilal Hassan.”

The Public Prosecution also ruled the release of a Moldovan woman who was arrested with the suspects, due to her health condition.​​​​​​

The suspects’ lawyers will file an appeal against the prosecutor’s decision on November 24.

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Representative Kenev announced a request for human rights assistance from another country in order to prove the relationship of the detainees to the terrorist bombing in Istanbul.

Earlier, Saturday, a spokeswoman for the Bulgarian Public Prosecutor announced the arrest of 5 suspects in the terrorist bombing case on Istiklal Street in Istanbul, 3 people of Moldovan nationality and 2 of Arab origin.

Among the five arrested, “Omran Abdel Rami,” the close assistant to the terrorist “Bilal Hassan,” wanted by the Red Notice from the International Interpol.

The terrorist bombing, on Sunday, killed 6 civilians and wounded 81 others, according to Fuat Oktay, the Turkish Vice President.

On Monday, the Public Security Directorate in Istanbul announced that the bomber, Ahlam al-Bashir, had confessed during the investigation to belonging to the terrorist organization “BKK / YBG / BYD”.

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