China holds India responsible for the renewed tension on the border

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China holds India responsible for the renewed tension on the border

On Tuesday, the Chinese army held India responsible for the renewed tension on the border between the two countries, accusing the Indian forces of crossing the disputed border “illegally”.

“His routine patrol was stopped by the Indian army, which illegally crossed the Line of Actual Control (border) in Dongchang district,” said Long Shaohua, a Chinese army spokesperson.

He added that the border issue must be dealt with professionally and effectively, calling for stabilizing the situation on the ground and working to maintain peace and tranquility in the border area between the two countries.

“We ask the Indian side to strictly control and restrain the front-line forces,” he continued.

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The Chinese statements come after India claimed that the Chinese army had tried to “unilaterally change the status quo” on the Line of Actual Control (between the two countries) in the northeastern province of Arunachal Pradesh.

Earlier today, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told his country’s parliament that on December 9, Chinese soldiers attempted to “encroach the Line of Actual Control in the Yangtze District of Tawang” in Arunachal Pradesh, and Indian forces intercepted the Chinese attempt “in a resolute manner.” “.

The ensuing confrontation led to a physical altercation, Singh said, as the Indian army bravely stopped the Chinese People’s Liberation Army from trespassing into Indian territory and forced them back to their posts.

Last week’s incident marks the first major clash between the two armies since June 2020, when at least 20 Indian soldiers and 4 Chinese soldiers were killed in a clash in the Ladakh region located on the Kashmir mountain peaks in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region.

It is noteworthy that the tensions on the Chinese-Indian border eased after several rounds of talks.

India and China share an unmarked 3,800km border, and their forces previously adhered to long-standing agreements to avoid the use of firearms along the de facto border known as the Line of Actual Control.

War broke out between China and India in 1962 over the long disputed border between them.

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