China.. two new deaths from the Corona virus in the capital, Beijing

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The National Health Commission of China announced, on Monday, the monitoring of two new deaths of people infected with the Corona virus in the capital, Beijing, bringing the number of deaths to 3 within two days.

The committee said in a statement that the two cases, a 91-year-old woman and an 88-year-old woman, were diagnosed with mild symptoms of corona, but they died due to serious chronic diseases.

The committee indicated that the injured were killed in Ditan Hospital in Beijing, on Sunday.

On Sunday, China announced the first death from the “Corona” virus in the country in about 6 months.

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And the American Associated Press reported that the death of an 87-year-old from the capital, Beijing.

The death is the first revealed by the National Health Committee since May 26, which raises the total number of deaths from corona in China since the start of the pandemic at the end of 2019 to 5,227 deaths.

And last May, a person died of infection with the Corona virus in Shanghai, China, which witnessed a significant increase in cases during the summer months.

The latest Corona deaths come in China, while the country is still adhering to the “zero Covid (Corona)” policies that seek to eliminate infection through closures, quarantines, case tracking and comprehensive testing, despite its impact on normal life and the economy and the growing public anger at the authorities.

It is noteworthy that China is the home of the spread of the Corona virus around the world, and over the course of about two years, it recorded more than 1.27 million cases of the virus.

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