Christerson: Sweden must not become a base for terrorism

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Christerson: Sweden must not become a base for terrorism

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said his country should not become a “base for terrorism”.

This came in response to a letter from the former parliamentarian for the Social Democratic Party, Nalin Bakgul, who is known for her hostility to Turkey.

In her letter, Pakgul demanded that terrorists not be extradited to Turkey within the framework of the tripartite memorandum concluded with Ankara regarding the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO.

In the letter he published in response to Bakgol, Christerson stressed that “those who have not been involved in terrorism and its financing or any other crime have nothing to fear.”

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He added, “We will not allow Sweden to become a base for terrorism, whether it targets countries other than Sweden or not.”

“I have always been clear that Turkey has the right to defend itself against terrorism – as in our country,” added the Swedish Prime Minister.

He pointed out that Sweden will continue to abide by international law and that it is “one of the strongest countries that govern according to the principle of the rule of law,” stressing that Swedish citizens cannot be extradited.

On Friday, Sweden handed over a wanted man, Mahmoud Tat, to Turkey, who was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months in prison for belonging to the “PKK” terrorist organization.

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