German economics minister to Namibia and South Africa in search of energy

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German economics minister to Namibia and South Africa in search of energy

The German Ministry of Economy said, on Thursday, that Minister Robert Habeck will visit Namibia and South Africa, starting from Sunday, in a visit that will continue until the end of next week.

The ministry said in a press statement, details of which were published by German News Agency (DPA), that HAPEC will discuss cooperation there in the field of hydrogen, one of the future energy sources.

Germany suffers from dependence on Russian gas, despite the decline in its imports from Moscow due to the war in Ukraine, but its large consumption of natural gas pushes it to search for various sources.

The visit comes two days after Qatar Energy announced an agreement with Germany to supply the latter with two million tons of liquefied natural gas annually, for a period of 15 years, starting from 2026.

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According to the Ministry of Economy’s statement today, “Also… Namibia has great potential to generate energy from renewable sources such as wind and sun.”

In South Africa, Hapic will open a German-African summit, the details of which have not been announced.

The average German consumption of natural gas annually is approximately 91 billion cubic meters, according to government data, about 50 percent of which came from Russia, until the end of 2021.

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