Elon Musk tweets: These things will soon be on Twitter

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American billionaire Elon Musk announced Saturday that Twitter, which he acquired in late October, will apparently include new features.

In a tweet on “Twitter”, Elon Musk contented himself with publishing emoji images of each of the robot’s face and gravestones, and attached them to the word “soon.”

Musk gave no further details about the two matters.


According to many of the tweeters, the American billionaire may indicate that “Twitter” will take a decisive decision regarding the removal of the fake accounts, an issue that was at the heart of the disputes between Musk and the previous Twitter management during the acquisition negotiations.

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argumentative decisions

Since Mask bought Twitter, he has made a series of changes to the platform, most notably charging an $8 fee for account verification with a blue signal.
Although Elon Musk bought the site for $44 billion, he indicated that the possibility of bankruptcy is possible.
Musk laid off half of Twitter’s staff, cut out the top management, and became the only manager of the tweet site.

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