European Union: Africa’s stability is our focus

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European Council President Charles Michel said, on Monday, that the stability of Africa “is a focus of concern for Europe and the world.”

This came after talks held by Michel with Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Cheikh Al-Ghazwani, on the night of Sunday-Monday, at the presidential palace in the capital, Nouakchott, according to Mauritanian state television.

Michel added, “The European Union has a clear and transparent agenda regarding the security and stability of the African Sahel countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger, and Mauritania).”

He explained that the countries of the African Sahel “have received European support in various political, economic and financial fields.”

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On the other hand, Michel said, “Mauritania is an important partner of the European Union.”

In turn, Al-Ghazwani said, “The relationship between his country and the European Union is strong and old.”

“This relationship is based on respect, mutual trust and common interest,” he told reporters, after the talks ended.

He explained that there is “continuous consultation with the European Union on important issues such as democracy and human rights.”

He added, “There is a convergence of visions between our country and the European Union with regard to security, strategic, economic and trade issues, which have always been a focus of consultation between us.”

He pointed out that the visit of the President of the European Council falls within the framework of the “strategic partnership with Mauritania”.

During the visit, according to Al-Ghazwani, they discussed “the best ways to enhance cooperation in the field of climate change and renewable energy, and what the two parties can do in this field.”

On Sunday, European Council President Michel began a two-day visit to Mauritania, during which he will hold several meetings with Mauritanian officials, including Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Bilal.

Tensions escalated between a number of countries on the African coast, especially Mali, and European countries after Bamako allowed the Wagner group to spread on its territory.

France announced earlier this year that it would withdraw its forces from Mali after deteriorating relations with the military junta that seized power in 2020.

A number of European countries have also announced the withdrawal of their forces from the peacekeeping mission in Mali, under the pretext that Bamako is now “dependent on Russian mercenaries,” which is undermining stability.

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