“Extreme embarrassment”.. German media criticizes their country’s failure in the Qatar World Cup

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"Extreme embarrassment".. German media criticizes their country's failure in the Qatar World Cup

German media, on Friday, strongly criticized their national football team after bidding farewell to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the group stage.

The German newspaper “Bild”, the best-selling in the country, published a report entitled “The End of a Great Nation in the Football Game”, commenting on the exit of Germany, which was one of the most prominent countries participating in the World Cup tournaments, from this year’s World Cup.

The newspaper said Germany’s exit from the 2022 World Cup was a “deep embarrassment”.

And she wrote: “On December 1, 2022, we witnessed the end of a country that was known for its football supremacy, and was proud of that. Germany won the Football World Cup 4 times, and was the European champion three times, but that was one day.” “.

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Germany won the World Cups in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014, as well as the European Championships in 1972, 1980 and 1990.

And “Bild” stressed that no responsibility should be held for this historic loss, except for the German Football Association and the team for “the poor performance in the 2022 World Cup.”

In the context, the weekly sports magazine “Kicker” considered that Germany “was a great soccer country” but now it is increasingly turning into a “football dwarf”.

She added, “Many are responsible for that (exit from the World Cup), from national coach Hansi Flick to manager Oliver Bierhoff, all the way to DFB President Bernd Neuendorf.”

The magazine said that German football was completely “drowned” in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle radio confirmed that it was undeniable that Germany was “no longer an elite team”.

She explained that the current World Cup proved that the German national team “is no longer first class, but just a team.”

Followers on social networking sites, especially from Arab countries, ridiculed the resounding loss of the German national team, which sparked disapproval of football fans in the Arab world by criticizing the FIFA’s decision to ban the wearing of badges supporting homosexuality during the World Cup matches in Qatar.

The German national team sparked widespread controversy when its players put their hands on their mouths in the group photo, before their first match in the World Cup, which they lost to Japan, in protest against FIFA’s ban on national team leaders from wearing the “colored badge” supporting homosexuality.

The German national team bid farewell to the 2022 World Cup in the group stage, against the background of the Spanish and Japanese teams leading Group E.

The exit of the German national team had a resounding impact, especially since many statistics and expectations, including the “Scientific Methodology of Oxford University”, indicated that Germany could compete for the title of winner of the 2022 World Cup in a match against Brazil, ending with the latter’s victory.

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