Fox News: Biden spent a quarter of his presidential term in the family home, with trips that cost the treasury millions of dollars

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Fox News reported that US President Joe Biden’s regular vacations in his home state of Delaware have cost taxpayers more than $11 million since the beginning of his term as president.

According to former CBS correspondent Mark Noller’s calculations, the channel reported that Biden made 57 trips to his hometown of Delaware, totaling 185 days. In October, CNN reported statistics that the US president spent a quarter of his term as president of the United States, or 172 days, at his family’s residence in Delaware.

These trips, as Fox News points out, require large expenditures to finance the costs associated with using the presidential plane and the Navy helicopter that Biden travels with, as well as the costs of ensuring the security of the head of state. In all, according to Knoller, the US president has taken 101 flights between Washington and Delaware, 71 by helicopter and 30 by Air Force One.

“Fox News” indicated that the aforementioned $11 million is less than what was actually spent because it does not include many other expenses, such as the cost of helicopters accompanying the president, and the cost of accommodation for the accompanying staff.

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And she explained, “Biden’s trips to his state of origin sometimes exceed the usual schedule for presidential weekends, as the president usually travels to Delaware on Thursday, works Friday from his home, stays there over the weekend, and then leaves (Delaware) on Monday morning.” Not on Sunday evening.”

Republicans had previously criticized President Biden’s habit of spending weekends in Delaware, and the White House responded to criticism that Biden remains president of the United States wherever he is, and can work from anywhere.

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