France 24 refrains from describing the PKK as terrorist

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France 24 refrains from describing the PKK as terrorist

France 24 refrained from using the term “terrorist” to refer to the “PKK” organization, which is on the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations, and showed part of Turkish territory as “Kurdistan” in its news.

In its report, which was broadcast on Wednesday, the French channel tried to beautify the image of the “PKK” terrorist organization, and to show that only Turkey considers it a terrorist organization.

In its report, it showed supporters of the “BKK” organization carrying pictures of the terrorist Abdullah Ocalan, and it also presented part of the Turkish lands as “Kurdistan”.

The channel also claimed that Turkey rejects the identity of the Kurds within its territory, and it never mentioned that the European Union includes the “PKK” organization on its list of terrorist organizations.

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The PKK organization, which is classified on terrorist lists in Turkey, the United States, and the European Union, is responsible for the killing of more than 40,000 people, including children, women, and infants, in Turkey.

The coordinator of the Center for Middle East Studies, Oytun Orhan, commented on the allegations in the news, saying: “The plans for sharing the region, and the borders drawn by the imperialist countries during and after the First World War, are the root of many of the region’s problems.”

In this context, he made it clear that France also bears a very great responsibility for the ongoing problems in the region, in his statement to Anadolu Agency.

And he showed that the Ottoman Empire was based on a nation that all the inhabitants lived under its umbrella in peace, and that with its collapse, manifestations of instability appeared in the region.

Referring to the policies of other countries that entered the region to dismantle the Ottoman Empire, Orhan said: “The policy of divide and rule and the lines based on ethnic, sectarian and religious discrimination are the basis of the current problems.”

He added, “When France entered the region, it formed a mandate government in Syria, and established local autonomous regions, including sectarian and sectarian regions.”

Orhan went on to talk about the origin of the problems that the region suffers from as a result of the policies of the imperialist countries during the First World War, and he said: “Stability formed the character of the Ottoman era in general, as the regions were not governed directly, but rather through local elements, and therefore these accusations (quoted by France 24) doesn’t make sense.”

And he talked about the recent protests in Paris, and the relationship of the terrorist organization “PKK” with France, saying: “It is one of the countries in which the PKK organization finds ample space for its activities in Europe, as France has been enabling the organization’s activities on its soil for a long time.” It also supports its arm in Syria represented by the terrorist YPG.

He added, warning, “Such organizations could pose a threat to the countries that support them over time, and this is what France is currently experiencing.”

On December 22, 3 people were killed and 3 others were injured when a French citizen named “William M” opened fire in the 10th district in central Paris.

The French media stated that the executor is a retired citizen of the French Railways Company, and he has precedents in two murder attempts that took place in 2016 and 2021.

As a result, Paris witnessed acts of violence and vandalism by PKK supporters under the pretext of protesting the armed attack, and 31 French police officers were injured as a result of the violence.

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