French security warns state agencies of “terrorist risks”

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French security warns state agencies of "terrorist risks"

France’s Internal Security Unit warned all state agencies of “security and terrorist risks”, against the backdrop of sending suspicious packages to the Ukrainian embassy in Paris.

According to news published by the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, the Secretary-General of National Defense and Security, Stéphane Bouillon, sent a “Vigiberet” statement to the government and higher state institutions, after booby-trapped parcels were sent to 6 institutions in Spain, and suspicious ones to the Ukrainian embassy in Paris.

The newspaper indicated that the statement included information about dealing with such parcels, and called on the security force to exercise caution and to examine the parcels with X-rays.

It is noteworthy that the “VigiPerit” action plan to combat terrorism was established in France in 1978, and it consists of 3 levels of “precaution”, “risk of attack” and “emergency attack”.

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