German human rights organizations: The government has not done enough to combat racism

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Three leading human rights organizations in Germany said, on Tuesday, that the country’s government has not done enough towards combating racism and right-wing extremism in the country.

This came in a joint statement issued by the Amadeo Antonio Foundation, the Congress of Migrant Organizations (BKMO), and the Human Rights Group (BMB).

The statement stressed that the far-right and its groups constitute “the greatest threat to democracy and security in Germany.”

Human rights organizations called on the German government to take stronger measures to prevent attacks targeting refugees, migrants, Jews and Muslims.

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“The dangers posed by far-right propaganda and violence have not decreased, on the contrary, they have increased,” she explained, noting that the recent attacks on refugee shelters are an example of this.

The statement called on the German government to increase cooperation with non-governmental human rights organizations to develop a joint strategy to combat racism.

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