Germany: Gunman takes hostages in Dresden shop

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Germany: Gunman takes hostages in Dresden shop

German police said, on Saturday, that a gunman had taken hostages in a supermarket in the eastern city of Dresden, after reports of gunshots.

Radio Dresden reported earlier that “shots were fired at a building near the main train station.”

The local police said, in a statement, that “a hostage-taking operation is currently underway in the eastern city of Dresden,” according to the American “Associated Press”.

Police urged citizens to avoid the old downtown area and ordered the closure of Dresden’s Christmas market, according to the same statement.

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In the context, the German newspaper “Bild” reported that a woman was killed in the accident, while the police did not officially confirm the deaths.

Local media reported that the gunman fired at a building near the main train station earlier on Saturday and later fled to the Altmarketgalerie shopping center in Dresden, where he took several people hostage.

Shortly after, the police announced, in a tweet, that “the hostage-taking crisis in Dresden is over.”

She added, “We rescued two people, who were not injured, and they are currently in our care.”

It was not immediately clear if the suspect was arrested.

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