Greece.. A fire in a camp for asylum seekers on the island of Mudlili

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Greece.. A fire in a camp for asylum seekers on the island of Mudlili

On Monday morning, a fire broke out in a camp for asylum seekers on the Greek island of Medelli (Lesbos), without causing any casualties.

And Greek media reported that the fire broke out in the morning hours, and that the fire devoured 4 containers in which asylum seekers live, and that they are no longer usable.

Other containers in the camp were also slightly damaged by the fire.

The fire brigade was able to put out the fire within a short period of time, after being informed of the incident.

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The fire did not result in casualties or injuries, according to the local press.

Thousands of asylum seekers reside on the island of Mudlili, waiting to obtain permits allowing them to cross to the target countries or those designated by the European Union.

Greek human rights organizations and associations express concern about the fate of thousands of refugees in light of their exposure to the harsh winter cold, and the government’s failure to provide them with humanitarian aid.

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